“’We refuse to flee poetry for reality,’” he said, “’But we refuse to flee reality for poetry.’” The men and women blinked at him. “’No one should say our actions are superfluous,’” Thibaut recited. “’If they do, we’ll say the superfluous supposes the necessary.’”

The Last Days of New Paris (China Miéville)

Dollar Art House

The Dollar Art House is a DIY project of artists Craig E. Ross and Adam Turl. Dollar Art House aims to provide a platform for a popular avant-garde; experimental art that is connected to popular concerns and audiences. We take inspiration from art (both avant-garde and popular) that is oppositional in nature while also shaped by the material and inner lives of the exploited and oppressed--strands of early Punk and Hip Hop, Epic Theater, Surrealism, Critical Irrealism, Arte Povera, etc. We have no innate hostility to the art world proper but we are aware of the limitations it places on the economy and content of contemporary art. As global cities are progressively taken away from working-class people through gentrification we feel that we must create the platforms for a new art wherever the currents of neoliberalism have deposited us. While we wish to engage in the debates of the art world we are just as concerned with being part and parcel of the debates within the working-class, in the new social movements, and among the revolutionary left (socialists and anarchists alike). Part of the struggle for a socialist world lies in the dreams of this one. But we are also aware that time is running out. The existential catastrophes that face the working-class and oppressed will soon be joined by the planetary disaster of climate change. We call ourselves Dollar Art House because that is where we are stranded; hustling at the margins of a corrupt and inhumane system.

Craig E. Ross

Craig E. Ross, an editor at Red Wedge, is a printmaker and cartoonist currently living in St. Louis, Missouri, who works mainly in woodblock prints. They received a BFA in Printmaking from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Craig has self-published various comics and zines such as MEDITATIONS: A Vision In Woodcuts and the acclaimed STEAL AWAY: The Visions of Nat Turner. Craig also runs the "Red Wedge Comix" blog at Red Wedge.

Adam Turl

Adam Turl is an artist and writer currently living in St. Louis, Missouri, an editor at Red Wedge Magazine and a recent MFA graduate from the Sam Fox School of Art and Design at Washington University. Turl was recently awarded a residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris. He writes the "Evicted Art Blog" at Red Wedge. His most recent exhibitions include "Thirteen Baristas" at the Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada and "Kick the Cat" at Project 1612 in Peoria, Illinois.