The Barista Who Could See the Future

Preview in mid-July 2017

Installation by Adam Turl

Alex Pullman, an itinerant barista who lived, at various points, in Chicago, St. Louis, southern Illinois and Wisconsin, came to believe he could see various futures. Pullman, an artist and poet, and briefly a member of the 13 Baristas Art Collective, recorded his visions in paintings, sculptures, drawings and poems. Some of these fetishes are recreated and/or displayed here.

Red Mars

Alex Pullman could hear and see the future of colonized Mars, including people's thoughts, using his grandfather's old telescope. His visions came to him jumbled and out-of-order but he re-organized them to make them comprehensible and grouped them by subject, making drawings, paintings, sculptures and poems.

Alien Commune

Alex Pullman claimed to have been abducted by aliens. While aboard their spacecraft he had the following vision of the future. The bombs and missiles of World War Three were frozen above every city just as the UFOs arrived. Later that day long-dead communards reappeared as zombies and ghosts—walking anachronisms in the streets of each city and town.

Thieves' Kitchen

Alex Pullman began to have fevered dreams of a wasteland in which every person was their own nation-state. Somehow, even though every person was their own country, they each had their own army, their own court system, their own police, media and spies; their own flag and national anthem. Here is Pullman's League of Nations.